Jr. Independencia Nº 132 – Cercado - Puno - Peru

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Cultural and Festive Calendar of Puno

In the department of Puno existe more of 300 dances and tipical dances, which because of its location are divided into Aymara and Quechua dances are known; There are dances of colonial origin satirizing the Spanish conquistadors and Mestizo dances. This has manifested itself mainly in the highlands, where the villager expresses his feelings through artistic creation that interprets different passages of life.

Main dates Place Festivities
January 3 Yunguyo The Feast of Dulce Nombre de Jesus
January 6 Ilave Alasitas party
January 18 Amantani island Pachamanca party
January 18 Amantani island Pachamanca party
February 02 – 11 Puno Feast of Our Lady of Candelaria
February The whole region Carnivals
March (movable) The whole region Easter
May 2 – 4  Puno Feast of Alasitas
May 3 The whole region Fiesta de las Cruces
May 28 Various provinces Feast of the Holy Spirit
June 16 Pucara Pucara party and dramatization of Jatun Nakaq
June 24 The whole region Saint John festivity
June 24 Various provinces Inti Raymi
June 29 Juli, Acora, Zepita Feast of San Pedro pattern
July 16 Pomata, Lampa Feast of the Virgen del Carmen Parona
July 24 – 26 Taquile Island, Pomata, Santiago de Pupuja Party Patron Santiago
August 6 Yunguyo Feast of Our Lady of Assumption
September 8 Chucuito Feast of Our Lady of the Nativity
September 24 Various provinces Feast of Our Lady of Mercy
September (movable) Sillustani Capac party Ccolla
October (movable) Pomata Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
October 10 Yunguyo Yunguyo Fiesta de San Francisco de Borja
November 1 The whole region All Saints’ Day
November 4 Puno Anniversary of the founding of Puno
December 4 Chucuito Alasitas
December 8 Lampa Festival of St. Lucia
December 22 – 28 Puno Fair Thumbnail
December 25 The whole region Christmas